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PIPA Operator Training

Find out more information about what the PIPA operator training course is, and how you can complete it.


The PIPA Operator Training Course provides operators of inflatable devices with the underpinning knowledge required to safely operate and supervise an inflatable.

As part of Health & Safety law, you & your employees must be suitably trained to not only supervise users, but also ensure equipment is safe to use. The PIPA Operator Training Course provides you with the theory and practical demonstration to help you to show you meet this requirement. This training can be completed by anyone who is new to the industry, to long-standing members who want to support their evidence to show they operate in a safe manner.

To find out more about the course and the learning outcomes, please read our attendee information pack (click on the button to download).

The PIPA Operator Training Course is provided through accredited PIPA Accredited Trainers. The accredited trainers are experienced PIPA inspectors, who have completed the additional training to become accredited to provide our operator training course.

PIPA Attendee Information Pack

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The course has been developed with a number of feedback mechanisms to underpin training and ensure training is high quality:

Trainers are accredited by PIPA to ensure they have received the necessary training to help support your learning journey
Robust governance procedures to ensure the training venues being used are suitable
Feedback mechanisms to ensure trainers are completing the necessary steps
The two assessments are independently marked and verified to bring an additional layer of security to the course

Whats Included?

  • Course Content
    • Online Pre-Reading Module
    • In-Person Training Day with accredted trainer
  • Assessment
  • Manual Handling E-Learning Module 
  • Certificate
  • ID Badge
  • A listing on the PIPA Operator Register once you have successfully completed the training and assessment

How to enroll onto the course

Step 1: Read the PIPA operator attendee information pack. This provides a complete overview about what the course includes, what you will learn from it and how it will be delivered and assessed.

Step 2: Complete the PIPA Pre-Reading Online Module on the PIPA Learning Hub. Keep hold of your confirmation for the next step.

Step 3: Contact your nearest accredited trainer and show them your confirmation of completing the pre-reading online module. The accredited trainer will provide you with the details and dates of their available courses and how to book.

Note: The Pre-Reading module on the learning hub must be completed prior to attending the in-person training day. You must attend the in-person training day within 12 months of completing the pre-reading module.

PIPA accredited trainers will set their own pricing of the course, however PIPA has suggested a recommended retail price of £210.00 per person.

Where to Train...

Check out the links below to find out more about our accredited trainers, or the location of the courses they have available:

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PIPA Accredited Trainer

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