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PIPA... For Parents

Why is PIPA important to you as a parent? What should you look out for? What should you do when hiring an inflatable?


The PIPA scheme plays a pivotal role in bolstering the safety and quality of the bouncy castle industry and those who work in it. By facilitating collaboration between industry stakeholders, the scheme ensures a comprehensive and consultative approach to maintaining public safety.

PIPA's core vision involves constant evolution, maintenance, and expansion of management systems and responsibilities, which in turn leads to heightened safety standards within the leisure sector. 

The scheme offers guidelines, accreditations, and assessments that aid manufacturers, operators, and suppliers in adhering to stringent safety protocols and best practices. This not only instils greater confidence among consumers but also promotes a safer environment for users of inflatable play structures. 

Here you will find out more information about the scheme, what you should look out for when looking to hire an inflatable, and what you should do to operate an inflatable.


What should I consider when hiring an inflatable?

Hiring an inflatable bouncy castle is a fantastic way to have fun in your own home or venue.

There are some things you should consider before you hire an inflatable to ensure you have a fun filled day.

  1. Does the inflatable have a valid safety certificate?
    • Commercial inflatables which are hired are required to have an annual inspection to ensure they remain safe for use
    • A PIPA tag on the device will help you check this, as the safety certificate will be available on our website for you to view
    • A PIPA inspected inflatable is similar to having your car MOT'd, as it provides you with assurance that the person completing the inspection is competent and there are safeguards in the system
  2. Does the company have valid insurance?
    • We do not wish for anything bad to happen, but incase it does ensuring the company has insurance provides you with additional peace of mind
  3. Is the inflatable set-up correctly?
    • Inflatables must not be set up without being correctly anchored to the ground
    • Inflatables must not be used when the wind speed is greater than 24mph
    • The internal pressure of the inflatable must be at least 1kPa
    • Using a trained operator, who has attended a formal operator training course, will help to provide you with assurance they know the correct way to set up and operate an inflatable
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How do I ensure I have a safe day?

There are number of considerations whilst hiring an inflatable device. To help you to understand these, please take a look at the following BounceSafe leaflet produced in conjunction with the RPII. The RPII also offer a formal training course for operators.

Bounce Safe Leaflet

Where to next?

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Check a Tag

Understand our Tags

PIPA Tags are the registration plate of inflatables which fall under the PIPA inspection scheme.

Enter the tag number to view the current inspection reports for your device

Check a Report

Understand our Reports

Inspection reports are issued by PIPA inspectors against tagged devices

Enter the inspection report number to view the inspection report in full

PIPA Operator Training

Find out more about PIPA's Operator Training Course provided by PIPA inspectors who are approved accredited trainers.