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Meet the Leadership Team

Meet the PLG Team

Mark John

Industry Experience:
I have a degree in strategic business fields and have worked in manufacturing since 2001. I have worked internationally throughout my business career and have a history of management through the family business. In 2003 I started Airquee with my business partner and we have grown it to over 300 employees with 140,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

PIPA Experience:
In 2006, I became the chairman of PIPA and have worked closely with the HSE since then to improve standards in the inflatable industry.

I am also a member of WG9, the committee that writes and develops the BS EN 14960 inflatable standard.

Matthew Sweed

Industry Experience:
I first entered the industry via fully enclosed play some 30 years ago, both installing and maintaining. Around 20 years ago I started repairing inflatables. Since then as a small family based business we have worked on just about every type of inflatable other than air ships and weather balloons. We also still have an active role in fully enclosed play and various types of sports and gymnastic equipment.

PIPA Experience:
I joined PIPA several years ago and a little later joined the PIPA Leadership Group when it was first formed. I am part of the Governance & Compliance Group and had an active role in writing the scheme’s rules, terms and articles for PLG membership and now look to provide guidance notes and information bulletins.

I try to help provide a fair and supportive approach to assist inspectors through investigation processes when complaints are received.

I have a wealth of industry experience and hold both the NEBOSH certificate and national diplomas. These place me in a good position to help advise PIPA and its members with regard to health and safety law and practices.

Chris Keen

Industry experience:
Director of AAA Inflatables Ltd, Inflatebounce Ltd and Bouncy Castle hire Ltd.
I am an importer and operator of inflatables with 20 years’ experience.
AAA Inflatables Ltd, is a sales, corporate hirer, repairer and PIPA safety testing company.
Inflatebounce Ltd is a large indoor inflatable play centre that I have owned and operated for 5 years.
Bouncy Castle Hire Ltd offers standard garden hire services with over 200 individual hire items.

PIPA experience:
I have been a registered PIPA inspector for over 15 years. I am a Director of the PIPA testing scheme and serve on the Training Working Group.

Scott Abbott

Industry experience:
I have been in the industry since graduating from University in 2002. In my day-to-day job I am a Director of Gibbons Fans Ltd.

PIPA Experience:
My role on the PLG involves strategy, development of new systems and assisting where my skill set enables. As I am not an inspector or manufacturer, I try to look at PIPA from outside the box and give alternative views during the decision making process.

I have been a Co-Opted member of the PLG since 2021.

Lee Scott

Industry experience:
I am the Director of Betterbounce Direct, a manufacturer of bouncy castles and inflatables, operating in the UK for over 35 years & founder of Funbounce entertainments. One of the country’s largest and longest established hire companies. I joined the world of inflatables age 18, with a small, part time, back garden hire company which grew over 20 years to a nationwide entertainment company and a worldwide manufacturer of inflatables.

After qualifying as a structural engineer from Leeds University, I decided to put the skills from my career in highway and bridge design into the manufacture of inflatables and have never looked back.

PIPA experience:
I joined the PLG as a guest in 2018, hoping to help make a difference to the industry and improve PIPA as a brand and in its relationship with the manufacturers & wider industry. I currently sits on the Press, Communications & Events group and I am happy to help if you wish to approach me directly.

Adam George

Information to follow.

Craig Whitelock-Wainwright

Industry experience:
Craig began his journey in the industry in 2019 when he set up his leisure hire company LJ Hire. Starting with residential & back garden hire, the company quickly grew over the first 24 months despite the pandemic which shut trading for parts of it. Around 2021, LJ Hire began employing staff and the company grew even quicker, with the introduction of party venues across Ormskirk & Liverpool. These were a big hit as they provided all-in-one party packages, including music, food, large inflatables, a coffee counter, and the venue itself. In 2023, a decision had to be made whether to make it into a full-time role or to reduce, or to stop. The company stopped its leisure activities in October 2023, which enabled Craig to concentrate more on his role within PIPA.

PIPA Experience:
By background, Craig has been a registered pharmacist since 2013. After working across a number of different companies and settings, Craig became a pharmacy inspector for the pharmacy regulator in 2016. Having exposure to both professional regulation and systems regulation provides a load of experience across multinational companies, NHS, private sector, independent contractors and secure settings. Craig joined the PLG in 2022 as part of the Governance & Compliance Group. With not being a PIPA inspector, Craig's main focus is on policy and governance. In 2023, Craig developed the idea of Project Alpha, moving onto becoming the Project Manager and driving the change in PIPA and its future. As part of this role, Craig oversees the responsibilities of the PIPA office and has the responsibility of the day-to-day operation of PIPA. Craig's current focus is completing Project Alpha, which will help to futureproof PIPA's activities for the next 10 years.

Billy Collins

Information to follow.

Samantha Smith

Industry experience:
I have over 20 Years of experience running one of the UK's largest Corporate Hire companies, Which was sold in 2022 due to wanting to slow down a little and have the opportunity to have weekends with my family, and giving me more time to concentrate on Better Bounce Limited, the manufacturing company I head up, Which I've been a part of and run from when my partner bought the business out in 2010 but has been going strong now for well over 35years. Taking more of a health and safety role within the manufacturing company I decided to take the plunge and take further training so that I can now offer Pipa tests directly to our customers inhouse and mobile, I've also taken further training to be able to offer Operator Training to hopefully help strengthen health and safety within the industry and the knowledge people currently have.  

PIPA Experience:
I've recently become an inspector and Operator Trainer. Being a member of the PLG, I hope to raise awareness within the industry and promote Pipa as a brand and help the relationship between Pipa and the Hirers/ Operators. Hopefully taking constructive feedback from the industry and feeding it back to the PLG, hopefully making positive changes for the future of the industry. 

David Morris

Industry experience:
Director of monster event hire / little monsters, I have been in the inflatable industry for 25 years.  As a maintenance engineer and electrician I started by repairing inflatables and fans, moving onto manufacturing, and just progressed from there into the industry.  We now specialize in corporate events, school, colleges and universities, we also manufacture, do repair works and pipa safety inspections

PIPA Experience:
I have been with PIPA from the start, I was on the pipa panel and joined the PLG when it was first formed, I took a short break from the PLG during the covid years, now back to help move the industry forward.

Chris Ball

Information to follow.

Christopher Moore

Information to follow.

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