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PIPA is an inspection scheme set up by the inflatable play industry to ensure that inflatable equipment conforms to recognised safety standards.

It is coordinated by The Performance Textiles Association (trading as MUTA), the UK's only Trade Association dedicated to marquees, tents and structures, whose members include manufacturers and operators of inflatable equipment.

The scheme is supported by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) who were consulted at every stage of its development.

Tagging and testing for bouncy castles and other inflatable play equipment

All inflatable play equipment that falls within the scope of the PIPA scheme should be tagged and entered onto the database.

The PIPA scheme currently only covers equipment within the scope of BS EN 14960

Update on Gorleston incident 1 July 2018

The investigation into the tragic incident on 1 July is still ongoing.

It has been established that the unit involved in this incident was a sealed air trampoline. This type of equipment is normally inflated with an air compressor and then sealed so there is not air flow in or out. The mode of failure has not been identified and investigations continue. This design is not covered by the scope of the British/European standard (BS EN 14960) for inflatable play equipment and not covered by the PIPA scheme.

A bouncy castle has a blower connected to keep the unit inflated as it is designed for air to escape through the seams of the equipment. This is covered by the British/European Standard (BS EN 14960) and covered by the PIPA scheme.

  • The government has not banned the use of bouncy castles.
  • PIPA is unaware of any bouncy castle exploding as these types of units are designed to permanently leak air
  • The PIPA scheme covers equipment within the scope of BS EN 14960

It is estimated there are 23 million uses of inflatable play equipment in the UK every year.

To see what you need to consider when hiring a bouncy castle, download our guidance here. The HSE have also released a statement which you can read here.

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