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Scope of the PIPA Scheme

The PIPA Scheme covers only certain inflatable equipment. The scheme is built on the European Standard BSEN 14960, and additional guidance has been created to not only improve the inspection against the standard, but also expand the scope. Expanding the scope is a slow and labor intensive process. We work to make little and often changes to help pushing things forward in a step-wise approach. As the scope increases, we will update this page



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Current items in Scope of Scheme

Want to know what is currently in the scope of the scheme?

Check out our current list below. This will be updated as the scope of the scheme updates.

Click the link for a quick reference guide to what is covered by the scheme:

Scope of the PIPA Scheme

What do I do if my inflatable does not fall under the scope of PIPA?

Some inflatables cannot be inspected under the PIPA inspection scheme. Speak to your PIPA inspector to discuss whether they are able to inspect the equipment as a 'competent person'. This involves issuing an in-house inspection report from their inspection body.

All equipment which is commercially offered for hire or reward must be inspected by a competent person in order to meet health & safety regulations.

PIPA continues to work towards bringing more and more inflatables under the inspection scheme and expanding the scope.

Devices Under the Scheme


Bouncing Pillow


Combo Bounce & Slide



Inflatable Slides

PIPA Scope of the Scheme

Obstacle Course

Toddler Playzone

A toddler playzone is a play device that is inflated with a constant supply of air. It comprises a playing area surrounded by an inflatable perimeter.
It is intended to be used by toddlers, who are aged 12-36 months, and as such, are still developing cognitive and physical abilities.

Non Ride-On Games

Non Ride-On games are defined as inflatable games which a person does not have to get onto, inside, or into the inflatable to participate. Games covered are of ‘constant air’ design and NOT ‘solid air’ or ‘sealed air’ games which are excluded. The user is however able to come in contact and interact with the games briefly.

Air juggler games


Axe Games

Basketball games


Bowling alleys

Football Dartboards

Football Shootouts

Inflatable 4 in a row


Limbo games

Mini Golf Cage

Shooting walls

Side stall games

Sports game shootouts

Where to Next?

Check a Tag

Understand our Tags

PIPA Tags are the registration plate of inflatables which fall under the PIPA inspection scheme.

Enter the tag number to view the current inspection reports for your device

Check a Report

Understand our Reports

Inspection reports are issued by PIPA inspectors against tagged devices

Enter the inspection report number to view the inspection report in full

PIPA Operator Training

Find out more about PIPA's Operator Training Course provided by PIPA inspectors who are approved accredited trainers.