PIPA Accredited Trainer List

This is a list of PIPA inspectors who have completed all of the necessary training and steps to provide the PIPA operator training course.

Adam George

Company: Inflatable Testing Wales
Phone: 01792 830000
Email: info@inflatabletestingwales.co.uk

Aidan O'Gara

Company: Party-Town
Phone: 07767048003
Email: wad39@hotmail.com

Baldev Mall

Company: ABC Leisure Events Ltd
Phone: 01215809796
Email: info@abcleisure.net

Billy Collins

Company: Scotbounce Ltd
Phone: 01416 347854

Chris Ball

Company: A1 Weymouth Bouncy Castles
Phone: 0782 451 3609

Chris Keen

Company: AAA Inflatables Ltd
Phone: 0800 0437620

Darko Budin

Company: Active Inflatables
Phone: 07951400315

Gary Bonehill

Company: GSB Inflatable Inspections
Phone: 07928 678577

George Shaw

Company: Active Hire
Phone: 07785262829
Email: gewas07@gmail.com

Gerry Frawley

Company: Gerard Frawley
Phone: 00353866867514
Email: info@iihf.ie

James Murphy

Company: Norfolk Inflatables
Phone: 07906131039
Email: bookings@norfolk-inflatables.co.uk

Nicola Tinson

Company: 1-2-3 Bounce
Phone: 07470666125
Email: info@1-2-3bounce.co.uk

Paul Hanna

Company: Maxibounce Ltd
Phone: 01509232497
Email: maxibounce@gmail.com

Paul Quaif

Company: P&J Entertainment Ltd
Phone: 07966 375570
Email: paulquaif58@gmail.com

Peter Grand

Company: Inflatable Testing & Training Services
Phone: 07940183600
Email: office@itats.co.uk

Samantha Smith

Company: Samantha Smith Inflatable Testing
Phone: 07738607466
Email: Info@funfairplay.co.uk

Stephen Welling

Company: Sport and Leisure Services Ltd
Phone: 07542 372445 / 01985 988085
Email: info@sl-services.com

Stuart Rhodes

Company: Staffordshire Inflatable Testing

Tom Davis

Company: IRIS Sales
Phone: 01243 774455
Email: enquiries@jumpingjackuk.com