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PIPA - About Us

Find out more about how the scheme came about and what we do

About the Scheme

The PIPA scheme was originally set up to be an online database to record inflatable safety inspections against PIPA tags on inflatable devices. After a request to improve the industry, PIPA drafted a 5-year plan alongside HSE to take PIPA inspector training and examination in-house. PIPA is now responsible for the competancy, professionalism, and skill of PIPA inspectors when the carry out a PIPA inspection.

Our new PIPA website and inspection portal provides our stakeholders with further assurance in the work we do. This is down to:

  • Having built-in compliance to ensure inspections are completed on the date and time they say they were, and also at the named location
  • Having built-in compliance to require all required fields within inspection reports to be completed
  • Having full traceability on the inspection report recording process and any subsequent changes
  • Locking in inspection report data and preventing future changes
  • Being built on the latest technology to ensure the cloud-based system has almost 100% uptime

The scheme continues to expand in all directions. From not only increasing the scope of what can be inspected under the scheme rules, but also capturing more parts of the inflatable industry.

How does the scheme work?

PIPA's mission involves the ongoing enhancement, upkeep, and extension of management systems and responsibilities. By doing so, the scheme aims to elevate manufacturing and operational safety within the leisure industry, striving for the highest standards that ensure the well-being of all individuals involved. Through consultation and continuous development, PIPA is dedicated to fostering safer environments and practices across the sector. Since 2019, PIPA has been a company limited by guarantee which means reserves must be reinvested into the development of the scheme and other sectors of the inflatable play industry. There are no shareholders, no paid directors and that’s exactly how it should be.

Inflatable is Inspected & Tagged
Tag is registered on PIPA Database
Inflatable is Inspected Annually
Report is added to Tag on Database
Inflatables safety verified by scanning Tag or searching Database

Where to next?

Check a Tag

Understand our Tags

PIPA Tags are the registration plate of inflatables which fall under the PIPA inspection scheme.

Enter the tag number to view the current inspection reports for your device

Check a Report

Understand our Reports

Inspection reports are issued by PIPA inspectors against tagged devices

Enter the inspection report number to view the inspection report in full

PIPA Operator Training

Find out more about PIPA's Operator Training Course provided by PIPA inspectors who are approved accredited trainers.