Sign Up to the PIPA Hub

Inflatable controllers can sign up to the PIPA Hub to obtain a controller ID and have their PIPA tagged devices assigned to them into their account

Sign up

The PIPA Hub now allows controllers to sign up. If your devices have not already been assigned to you as a controller, you can request for these to be transferred to your account.

All of your inspections will be in once place to see.

The PIPA Hub will also allow you to integrate your PIPA device information into other websites or applications using the PIPA API (see below).


Click Here to Request a Controller Account

Controller Sign Up Form

Where do I find help?

For instructions and help using the PIPA Hub, please see the instructions in the link below.

PIPA Hub Instructions for Controllers
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PIPA can provide access and integration to the PIPA database through its API. 

This can be used as part of web application development, or through pre-existing integrations on your website.

To find out more, click the link below to view the developer documentation. 

Or click to sign up for an API key

Note: API access is per controller account, so you must already be signed up to the PIPA Hub as a controller. You can only access devices which have been already allocated to your account.


PIPA API Developer Documentation

PIPA API Developer Documentation V3